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We connect leading companies and nonprofits with exceptional Construction & Development, Cyber Security, Finance, and Healthcare talent, nationwide.

Our Services

Construction And Development

Construction activity is ramping up quickly and businesses are struggling to find qualified, reliable workers. Our construction recruiters understand the market inside and out, and we are the employment agency of choice for the best construction and development professionals in the industry. Our process is designed for both accuracy and simplicity. You need a staffing partner that will mend your critical workforce gaps and help you complete your projects on schedule and on budget. JPJ Staffing can connect your business with both skilled, safety-minded construction and development professionals.


At JPJ Staffing, we have years of experience & reputation for recruiting within the fields of healthcare. We are in the business of helping Healthcare, medical and pharmaceutical companies attract, hire, retain and motivate the top executive talent in the field. Our staffing experts have worked in the industry as both care providers and within medical products businesses, giving them unparalleled insight into the industry, the talent within as well as skill sets of high-caliber talent. Our partnerships deepen our understanding of your business and give you the assurance that we understand exactly what you need.

Finance & Accounting

We provide our partners the necessary support required to attract and retain skilled accounting and financial professionals. JPJ Staffing act as strategic hiring partner for large financial institutions across the various disciplines of financial services, including accounting, finance, banking, credit unions, mortgage, consumer finance and insurance. Our experienced recruiters, rigorous candidate selection process, and robust talent database of thousands of professionals ensure that every candidate matched by JPJ Staffing is an ideal fit for both the employee and company.

Cyber Security

The cyber security sector is expanding as the demand grows for information security solutions to safeguard businesses and big data from hackers. We link top individuals with amazing cybersecurity opportunities across the country. Our specialists have worked in the industry, giving us unique insight into cyber roles because we speak cybersecurity—typically the same language as the hiring manager. Our objective is to empower our clients by assisting them in hiring top-tier cybersecurity expertise.

What are the consequences of hiring the wrong person?

No business owner wants to hire the wrong person for a job. Not only because they’ll need to find a replacement candidate sooner than they’d like but also because making a bad hire drains energy and time and can cost a business in several ways. By using our services, you can keep your hiring process simple and successful, while minimizing the chance of employing the wrong candidates. At JPJ Staffing, we enable business owners to skip the hassle, save time, save money, and employ the perfect candidate.
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Sourcing Top Talent

Our platform connects you with a verified national network of sales recruitment experts that have a local talent pool to consistently generate top-level candidates to fill your open sales roles faster.

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Intelligent Matching

We use cutting-edge technology that analyzes 20 key data points to identify the best of the best candidates that perfectly match your role and hiring criteria. No guesswork. Just incredibly talented salespeople.

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Science-Based Assessments

Don’t leave critical hiring decisions to chance. We assess 21 core selling competencies, including desire, motivation, and coachability to predict success.

Hire Top Talent with Confidence

Data-driven companies are 3X more likely to make better decisions than those that rely on their intuition. JPJ Staffing taps into powerful data to screen candidates objectively and identify the top talent time and time again for their clients.

Attract & Recruit Better Candidates

92% of recommended candidates reach the top of the sales force within their first year.


Fill Open Positions Faster

Slash your hiring time in half with pre-screened, qualified candidates who are interview-ready.

Reduce Hiring Mistakes and Increase Retention

Eliminate 96% of hiring mistakes and lower turnover by more than 33% with industry-leading assessment science.

How We Work

We aim to make the hiring process as simple and transparent as possible from start to finish.


Step 1 – Client Discovery

At JPJ Staffing, we take an individual, hands-on approach with every client and every search. We work closely with your team to understand your team culture, scope of your recruiting challenges and talent needs to develop a recruitment strategy, so we can provide appropriate solutions and results.

Step 2 – Collaboration and Strategy

It’s crucial that our clients and the JPJ Staffing team are in alignment. We become a valuable member of your team. We will create the most appropriate search strategy and finalize any details with the clients prior to launching our process.

Step 3 – Candidate Search

JPJ Staffing recruiting team leverage extensive professional network nationwide and speaks to every candidate. We will phone screen to evaluate each candidate’s core selling skills and capabilities to ensure a fit to your ideal candidate profile. If further investigation is required, JPJ staffing employs cutting-edge applicant assessment technologies to assist you in making the best decision possible.

Step 4 – Candidate Selection

Our recruiting team recommends only our top candidates and deliver right to your inbox for Feedback and Approval. This is followed by thorough notes on their interactions, interview highlights, reasoning for the referral, and further areas for your internal interview process to investigate. We make it easy to manage all the interview scheduling and feedback channels.

Step 5 – Client Decision

Select the candidates you love; we make every effort to relieve you of as many recruiting tasks as possible. We provide comments on your behalf and assist you in preparing for the first day of work for your new employee.